Let Us Answer Your Questions

Why is there moss on my roof?

Moss, lichen, algae and vegetation is caused by a number of factors. The UK has ideal conditions for roof growth due to it's temperate weather and high levels of rain fall. Although we may not fell it sometimes, this is a distinctly different climate from 30+ years ago. With the reduction in our use of fossil fuels, the air quality has been greatly improved. So more sun and continued year round rain is a perfect environment for growth. Finally, the large number of concrete roof tiles in this country (prone to fracture and imperfections), offers an ideal home for moss. 

Why should I clean my roof?

The reason you clean a roof is to stop the bacteria that forms on it gradually breaking down the tiles, especially concrete tiles. Also most roof tiles are a litish colour to reflect heat, as the roof becomes contaminated with moss, lichen, bacteria and vegetation, it goes a darker colour increasing the heat transfer to the loft space, which in turn dries out the mineral felt under the tiles which then cracks up allowing water ingress.

How long will my clean take?

Based on your chosen package, roof size, weather and extent of vegetation and staining, the whole process can take up to a week (on average package one is complete in a day, package two over 2.5 days and package three 3-5 days). We carry out a full inspection of the roof before confirming the quote, so should we identify issue during our checks we will let you know. Once we have provided a quote and it has been accepted we will work on your property until the job is complete.  

What is Biocide?

The active ingredient in Biocide is DDAC (Didecyldimethtylammonium Chloride). It begins to work within minutes and kills all algae, lichen, fungi and mould. Then the self-cleansing effect can be seen in 24-48 hours with more dramatic results seen in weeks or months, depending on the prevailing weather, local environment and the type of surface. Some small pockets of lichen may remain for up to 6 months to a year. Red, green, light black on render will usually disappear in a few weeks.

Depending on the location and prevailing weather, the treatment can last up to five years before signs of re-colonisation appear. A proper pre-cleaned before softwashing treatment are vitally important.

Do you offer roof repairs?

No, we  purely offer a cleaning service, this is why we fully inspect the roof prior to cleaning to ensure there is not any damage or repair works needed.