Moss Clearance

A comprehensive roof clearance. Carried out using high pressure washers, utilising roof specific attachments to ensure we protect the surface of your tiles. Our number one concern is keeping the integrity of the roofs surface as we clean.


Clear and Clean

This package includes option ones deep clear, but is designed to also bring your roof back to as close to it's original appearance as possible.

A comprehensive clean by hand will follow the pressure wash, using a variety of tools picked to suit your roofs specifications. We understand the importance of keeping the integrity of the roofs surface and therefore only use equipment that protects while it cleans. 

We will scrape then brush the roof to remove all moss, algae and lichen. And as with every service package, we will then carry out a full gutter check and ensure all debris is removed before we depart. 



Full Clear, Clean and Treatment

Our final package offers all of the comprehensive clearing and cleaning previous mentioned, but with additional treatments to aid in prolonging the life of your roof.


With this full clear, clean and then treatment, your roof will not only be free from troublesome vegetation, look as close to it's original self as possible, but it will also be treated with a long term solution to prevent regrowth and water penetration. 

Our treatment combines a biocide wash, non-chemical rinse and clear sealant coating to maximise protection and durability.